To: The Bully and Perpetrator ~ Thank You For The Opportunities of a Lifetime!

Quick Preface: This is one of a series of open letters. When I execute on this I will e-mail the entire professional community.  It will probably be around three hundred individuals. One quality that makes this unique is the fact that it creates accountability. That’s important because the perpetrators usually reoffend. It’s also an effective solution to mitigate and quite likely stop mobbing and victim blaming. See more on how to use this model here.

Truth is an absolute defense against liable or slander. Moreover, this letter – without names, dates or locations – cannot be considered libelous. The fact that everyone who has prior knowledge knows exactly whom I am addressing is completely legal. My actions are ethical, legal and likely to be effective. In order for what you did to be effective in the long term the victim must remain silent. It is extremely obvious that I am telling the exact truth. You and the firm involved have too many coincidences on your hands. This is not a situation of he said and she said. And, I’d argue that most cases of harassment and bulling aren’t. Usually they are cases of the many parties who have reasonable knowledge being complicit and unwilling to speak. But, modern technology makes that easy to expose. What I’m doing can be duplicated by other women and men.

Frequently victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault and domestic abuse are ashamed of their experience. This happens for two reasons. One is that it’s a symptom of post traumatic stress disorder. Another is that society has a tendency to victimize the victim. But not all victims are ashamed of their experience and I certainly am not. Moreover, there are plenty of moral people within society who are discussed by abuse of women, as well as the systematic silencing of women and victim blaming. They tend to be quite supportive of women who opt to speak. And, as Mary Ann Evans, more commonly known by her pen name George Eliot, illustrated with her own life there is exactly one reason that women are oppressed. It’s because we are willing to be. I’m neither ashamed nor afraid. You are the one with something to be ashamed of, not me.

In my profession turning problems into opportunity is a key indicator of competence. This is a slight digression but the answer is yes, my mentor taught me to manage myself. It is painfully obvious to me that you and many other parties counted on my silence. Statistically speaking you should have been accurate. If I had involved an attorney in the traditional fashion a settlement would have been contingent on my silence. I can see why all parties involved were so confident of my silence. That is discussing.

I personally could have already gone to the main stream media. But instead I decided to create a model that makes any person in a similar situation capable of speaking the truth on a local level clearly, simply and effectively. It works for harassment, bullying and fifth phase mobbing as defined by Heinz Leyman. The latter of which is currently considered impossible to control. I feel that I have been successful. I’m extremely proud of it. Thank you for an excellent opportunity.

As I said previously, the most common motive for harassment is professional jealousy. We both know that it was yours. Specifically it’s the fact that I already have the right innovation for competitive advantage and know how to apply it. You represented the top residential sales firm in the city as manager for ten years. During the few months that I represented the firm you instructed me to, “take overpriced listings and mine buyers from them.”

I replied, “I don’t feel like it.”

What your potential clients want is for their agent to, “level with them on price.”

I know this because I asked. Thank you for setting the bar so low. This looks like an excellent opportunity as well. I am extremely likely to come back to town and found my own firm in direct competition to yours. Just so you know, you will be allowing me to live my life in peace this time.

Thank you for the opportunities of a lifetime!

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