To The Perpetrator: Every voice matters including mine! (language warning)

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Every voice matters including mine, mother fucker!

You and the entire management team counted on my silence. As little as a decade ago a woman’s only option was the mainstream media.

Guess what, modern technology makes it exposing the truth simple!

I may well go to the main stream media also. But, I’m taking this excellent opportunity to illustrate the point.

The primary reason that women remain silent about harassment and assault is fear or retaliation. Frequently we fear the company or educational institution as badly as the perpetrator, and for excellent reason. In “Transparency” Warren Bennis observes that the ease of publishing that the blog sphere provides makes a lot of the ways that companies traditionally retaliated ineffective.

Moreover, I have a little fucking news flash for you. What the public wants is to see the silence around sexual assault, sexual harassment and domestic abuse broken. And, most people don’t like people like you, at all!

It’s worthy of note that this is tagged comedy and creative non-fiction. My best guess is that the average world citizen will find it amusing.

Some might even respect me for it!

Quick note to readers: “Workplace Issues” is a work of creative nonfiction based on my true story of being bullied. It’s told in a series of open letters.