Every Voice Matters

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With sexual harassment, sexual assault and work place abuse silence is the norm. With gender based hate crimes silence is the norm. Silence cannot create social change, ever. The norm is completely unacceptable.

As Bennis observes in his work “Transparency” it is nearly impossible to suppress information now. These usually are not actually instances of he said and she said – or he said and he said – but instances of all of the parties who do have reasonable knowledge being complicit and unwilling to speak.

This is a model that most victims of severe harassment or bullying could duplicate effectively. It holds the perpetrator accountable for their behavior. It holds the company responsible for neglect. It’s effective at correcting unjust damage to a victim’s reputation.

This is a real situation and I personally was assaulted. The company acted with gross neglect and flagrant disregard for law. Unfortunately, this is still common with gender based hate crimes. It happens in work places and universities.

Companies, intuitions and perpetrators count on the victim’s silence. It’s the new millennium, let’s speak!

In preventing gender based hate crimes and breaking the silence around them every voice matters, including yours!