To my Mentor: Seven Years Ago Today, Merry Christmas!

Quick preface: “Workplace Issues” is a work of creative nonfiction based on my true story of being bullied. It’s told in a series of open letters.

Seven years ago today I missed my plan to visit my family for the Holidays. That was okay because I had several Jewish friends and a Bahia one. It was a great Christmas. We had Chinese food and went dancing at a Goth club. My friend referenced it on Face Book today, but I digress. You had a Christmas party that year. I showed up as the last guest left. That was the year after you sold your firm.

Now, when you sold that firm I knew that it was a mistake. I tried to talk you out of it. But, you are as stubborn as I am! It was literally impossible. While you were teaching me management you used to say about me, “I’m doing something different with The Cobra.”

Cobra was your nickname for me. You would continue, “It’s because The Cora is special like me. The Cobra can create like me.”

That evening I asked you how much money you had made in the preceding year because I knew that you would be proud of your income. You told me and you were. You had doubled or quadrupled it.

Then I asked you if you were happy because I knew that you weren’t. You said, “It’s not the same. I’m not creating anymore.”

Won’t you please consider practicing again?

Merry Christmas,

The Cobra Snake