To the Team: Congratulations at being collectively obtuse! This is impossible, actually.

Quick preface: “Workplace Issues” is a work of creative nonfiction based on my true story of being bullied. It’s told in a series of open letters.

One thing that was extremely constant in my practice as an agent was encouraging questions. After the financial meltdown Ken Fisher wrote a book titled How to spot a Rat. In his interview on The Common Wealth Club he keeps reiterating the fact that the most important indicator of financial fraud is whether or not someone is encouraging or suppressing questions. That indicator works for other professions as well.

Now, as I was encouraging questions regarding rentals many of you said things like, “What’s the ulterior motive?”

A few of you followed that up with a snide, “I can feel it.”

The reason that Ken Fisher keeps emphasizing someone encouraging rather than suppressing questions is that it’s impossible to simultaneously suppress questions and operate with a lack of transparency.

You people are supposed to know these things!