Sexy Series 1.0.2: Ladies…Beef Up Your Sexy Resume (via A Woman In Red Bottom Shoes)

This is *awesome!* In order to connect it to my own work, I’ll point out that the team at the firm where I was harassed seemed to believe that it was my fault for being harassed because I’m attractive. First of all, being attractive is less than fifty percent about appearance and has *a lot* to do with *confidence.* Confidence is important in the professional arena. But, a confident woman will usually be perceived as attractive and, guess what, that means that when she is harassed or assaulted it’s her fault!

A woman’s sexiness is not some kind of precise formula that when mixed right and consumed at the proper time, will magically turn an average woman into an irresistible, intoxicating, attention grabbing sexy woman.  A woman’s sexiness is rather a complex concoction of charm, charisma, confidence, conversation, composure, compassion, cleverness and attractiveness.  She has the ability to continually inspire a man’s (and even a woman’s) sexual curio … Read More

via A Woman In Red Bottom Shoes