To: The Break Room!

Quick preface: “Workplace Issues” is a work of creative nonfiction based on my true story of being bullied. It’s told in a series of open letters.

Break rooms are a mistake anyway. They only cause trouble. There are far more effective ways of building positive relationships between team members that don’t detract from time spent working and encourage gossip, but I digress.

In the break room a handful of you were discussing whether or not a certain strategy was effective with clients. It was something that would have been helpful sometimes and counter productive other times. I was asked my opinion.

I said, “I think that it’s a matter of doing the basics well and creating ones own style.”

You all looked at me as if I were insane. *Ahem*, I’m completely accurate.

Update on 10-23-10: This makes me sound like a slave driver. That isn’t true. I frequently helped agents with business plans that involved less that forty hours a week of work. But, an office is best used as a place to work rather than hang out. If collegues want to hang out together, go to a cafe or pub! 😀