Dear people who know me personally,

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Well, only people who know me personally are reading this right now so, hi guys. Here is the drill. I don’t have a vendetta against the perpetrator of the abuse *at all.* Abusive people are miserable anyway.

One of my primary issues here is that the reputable firm involved acted with gross neglect and blatant disregard for law. Unfortunately this gross neglect and disregard for law is extremely common when it comes to abuse of women in work places and universities. These institutions are counting on the victim’s silence. Frequently women do remain silent and it’s out of fear of retaliation.

Often women fear retaliation by the PR office. I’m addressing PR here but this model by passes PR. Unless the company is named in the main stream media PR will do nothing. I’ll make that clear in my modified about page or how to section.

By the way, I’ll lose the pseudonym when I execute on the project. It’s for my own safety for now. I’ll be cleaning up my Face Book page and keeping it at a PG rating as well. But, it’s worthy of note that this would be equally effective with a pseudonym. Moreover, all content is copy written on any blog and any URL can become an error 404! 😀

Now, most of you or all of you know that I’m a feminist. For anyone who doesn’t know I’m in the third-wave camp biased on age and views on sexuality. Lady Gaga is a third wave feminist. We are sex positive, pro sex workers rights and anti man bashing or hating. If you have any questions about that, ask me.

The US Department of Health and Human Services includes severe harassment in the definition of sexual assault. Since what happened to me caused PTSD it qualifies. RAINN is pointing out that most instances of rape and sexual assault are hate crimes. The legislation that Obama passed in 2008 makes many crimes against women hate crimes legally. They always were ethically. If this wouldn’t have happened to me if I were male, and it wouldn’t have, then it’s a hate crime.

The company involved tried to cover this up. They actively damaged my reputation and did everything within their power to suppress the truth. The way that I see it, I was the target of a hate crime and a large company tried to silence me. I have an excellent sense of humor in general but I’m not amused over this, at all.

What happened to me in that regard is disturbingly common. Women are frequently silenced. This is an ethical, legal and effective way of exposing the truth. And, as long as women remain silent these types of abuse will remain disturbingly common.

Many of you know that my spelling is remarkably bad. Any help with copy editing is welcome. I was debilitated by nightmares and flashbacks during the years that social networking became main stream. I’m purchasing a few books to get myself caught up. Help in that regard is welcome. This is under a pseudonym so feel free to FB and Tweet but it’s probably better to do that once I have the site more organized.

Naturally, feedback about anything at all is extremely welcome. You have all been wonderfully supportive so far and I’m deeply appreciative. – Much Love!